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Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation


Properties that are occupied by students offer their own particular set of challenges that have to be understood and catered for if there is to be an on-going and successful tenancy.

Shared common parts such as lounge, kitchen, bathroom and garden are easily monitored by the occupants implying there may be a social conscience that promotes regular cleaning.

Individual bedrooms and study areas may receive less detailed attention and can be more likely to suffer from  excessive use of blue tac on the walls, irregular cleaning etc.

Therefore it is vital to have a comprehensive independent inventory that details the condition of all rooms - this benefits each tenant as their attention will be drawn to their joint responsibilities - nobody wants to be charged for cleaning someone else's mess up!

Special note to students:


If you are not offered an inventory by your landlord or agent, we strongly advise student tenants to contact us prior to signing their lease so we can prepare an independent professional inventory that will be acceptable to you and your landlord (and the dispute service). For a modest outlay per person you enhance the chances of a full deposit refund at the end of your tenancy.

Our Student Inventory Service includes template letters for you to personalise and send to landlords and letting agents at the start and end of your tenancy.

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