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Probate and Divorce

Probate Valuations and Relationship breakdowns

Unfortunately, there are times when some of us are required to have valuation inventories professionally prepared for submission to HMRC for Estate Duty assessment or the Divorce Courts to ascertain a fair distribution of assets in a failed relationship.

None of us enjoy or look forward to these events, but they can be necessary.

Through Provals, our specialist division, we are able to support individuals and professional advisers such as solicitors by undertaking comprehensive and fully itemised valuation inventories that record the details, value and condition of all items (Sometimes called Chattels) that need to be assessed.

During our inventory we will take hundreds of high resolution photographs including overall room shots and close up pictures of individual items.


Provals prepares detailed valuations that include all of the possessions to be dealt with, their value and how we understand they are to be dispersed (usually bequests, selling and disposal) - our valuations frequently becomes the source document to support and guide the disposal of an estate, making the executors job much easier.


When dealing with a relationship breakdown we prepare a similar

document, listing all the possessions that are to be dispersed,

including photographs, descriptions and, if requested to, value

for each item. This document also has an additional section where

the parties involved can easily details "what goes to who".

Please click the link below to visit our Provals website for full details and contact information, or go to opens in a new window)

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