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Premises Search

Premises Search

There are many occasions when corporations prefer to use Farthingtons to search for new or additional premises. These might include not wanting their competitors to know they are interested in a certain location or even stem from understanding that by using Farthingtons their own employees are free to continue in their assigned roles.

We are experienced in searching for all types of commercial property and land including small single offices, suites, hotels and motels, whole office buildings, warehouses, production factories, mixed facility sites and development opportunities.

Depending on Clients requirements, we will find suitable premises, negotiate the lease or purchase terms and manage the whole process through to completion. We are also able to take on the role of Client Liaison or Project Manager whereby we become your intermediary, establishing timelines, helping to design layouts, selecting contractors and generally overseeing the entire process from initial idea through to moving into the new facility.

Because Farthingtons is independent and recognized as representing pre-qualified Clients who are serious and committed we are able to negotiate very favorable lease or purchase terms, usually saving you many times our fees.

We regard anything you tell us as strictly confidential - it will not be disclosed to any other business or person without your absolute prior confirmation, if you wish us to sign a Confidentiality Agreement beforehand please call or email us and we will be happy to provide a suitable signed document.

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