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Inventory Services

Inventory Services


Farthingtons has an enviable and substantial professional heritage that enables us to supply and manage a comprehensive range of services.

We've been preparing residential inventories since 1993 and have a wealth of experience covering everything from studio apartments through to multi storey office blocks and 500,000 square foot warehouses.

An independent inventory has always been important to maintain impartiality. This has become particularly relevant since the  introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Farthingtons inventories are independent, clear, accurate and reliable - and excellent value. They are carefully tailored so that they include the information and terms that each letting agent, landlord or tenant requires.

Inventories are recorded on the latest digital equipment then uploaded and transcribed. All inventories are emailed to customers in PDF format to ensure they cannot be amended without your knowledge and permission.

Farthingtons offer a choice of inventory styles, option one is all text, with no photographs (Although we still take photos) option two contains embedded photographs for additional clarity. Inventories are usually between twelve and thirty pages long depending on the size of the property.

We take a minimum of 100, and as many as 900 for large properties high resolution digital photographs at each property to support the written inventory record.

All inventories, photographs and other relevant information are stored on our secure network server with automatic "Raid One" back-up, and are also available to Landlords and agents as free-of-charge downloads.

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