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Interim Inspections

Interim inspections


Inspections should be scheduled at regular intervals are vital components in the on-going successful management of rented properties.

Available as Farthingtons branded or "White Label" for agent customisation and branding, they are necessary for two reasons:

1. Monitoring the tenants use of the property. 

We do not wish to give the impression that we support a 'big brother' approach to residential property management but it is essential to make sure the tenant is keeping to his or her responsibilities under the terms of the lease.


If the tenant is present and there are issues will will usually advise them of the problems and suggest ways in which they can improve how they take care of the property.


We always check smoke alarms and CO detectors during interim inspections.

We also check to see if there are any signs of smoking inside the property, any additional occupiers, pets, and whether there may be a business being run from the property.


A fully detailed Inspection Report including supporting photographs is emailed to the Agent and/or Landlord.

2. Maintenance

Interim inspection reports highlight any existing or potential maintenance and repair issues.

By bringing them to the attention of agents and landlords we create an opportunity for preventative maintenance to keep repair costs to a minimum by addressing problems at an early stage. 

Because we also report on  maintenance issues that are likely to develop between inspections we help with maintenance scheduling and financial planning which provides landlords with an opportunity to set aside sufficient funds for larger scale works such as re-decorating or replacing equipment

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