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Pre-tenancy & Snagging

Pre-tenancy inspection and Schedule of Condition

Usually undertaken on behalf of the in-coming tenant prior to agreeing to rent or purchase premises. 

It is imperative to check that all services are safe and up to current code We inspect the premises, preparing a comprehensive report that highlights dilapidations, any potential for asbestos, maintenance history on heating and cooling systems as well as certification of lifts, fire systems, electrics, gas and water to ensure they are up-to-date and comply with current requirements.

Included in the report are our recommendations relating to assuming liability for a full repairing lease, and what topics require further negotiations with the Landlord.

If there are dilapidations that require reinstatement or works needed to bring the premises up to date we can calculate a financial inducement from the landlord, recommending the tenants negotiate with the landlord for a 'rent free' period or rent reduction if they are prepared to take responsibility for the work needed. (There can be significant cost savings for tenants, we have negotiated rent free periods of in excess of 12 months on 5 year leases)

We are keen to remind Landlords that we are independent and provide our services impartially. Generally, the net result of our involvement is that premises are improved and sometimes upgraded with minimal landlord involvement, and cost.


We inspect new build or refurbished premises either on behalf of the owner or Landlord and report on any outstanding works and the quality of the work completed and also on behalf of a purchaser or tenant prior to exchange and/or completion or occupation.

Checks include both external and internal areas, surface finishes, plumbing, electrics,and gas. Our detailed snagging lists, complete with digital photographs, ensure all problems are highlighted so they can be rectified in readiness for occupation, sale, or leasing.

Snagging is generally a two stage process, we undertake an initial inspection, report our findings to both parties and then agree a date when we re-inspect to confirm all the snagging points have been rectified, and if necessary, a full industrial clean has been undertaken.

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