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Check in and Check out

Check in and Check Out Services


Check In

We will meet the tenant at the property at a pre-arranged time  to walk through with them, drawing their attention to the locations of stop cocks, boilers, circuit breakers and any other relevant equipment.

We also point out the property's overall condition and advise the tenants that they will receive the inventory & schedule of condition by email within two working days. They are asked to carefully check it, noting any discrepancies if there are any, then digitally sign the inventory. Signed copies are automatically emailed to the tenants, the Landlord/Agent and to us.


The tenants usually have seven days to complete the inventory check, and they are automatically send email reminders every two days until completed.

During the check in the utility meter readings, water meter readings and Oil tank level will all be taken and the keys issued to the tenants. We also check all smoke alarms and CO detector. All of the above is recorded on our Check In Reoprt which the tenant signs and dates onfirm their agreement and acceptance.

Check Out

At the end of a tenancy, our inventory clerk will usually meet the tenant at the property (Although they do not need to be present, it is advisable) and methodically and carefully compare the condition of the property against how it was at the start of the tenancy.

Notes will be made of any changes in condition, including recording any damage to the property and cleanliness. Keys returned by the tenant will also be checked against the inventory. Utility meter readings and digital photographs are also taken at the same time.

Whenever possible we will always attempt to gain the tenant's signed agreement to the cost for minor remedial work to be deducted from their deposit.

Our full Check Out Report is emailed to the Agent or Landlord who will then be able to discuss and agree any costs attributable to the tenant.


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